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Thermosafe builds on 120 years of packaging experience with innovative engineering, state-of-the-art technology and friendly, intelligent support. We’re the people you want to talk with about your shipping challenge; chances are ThermoSafe invented or advanced the very products you need. Let our engineers, product experts and customer service representatives help you navigate the world of temperature-controlled packaging, so you can ship to the world.

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Elegant, optimized, strategic packaging solutions start here. Our services take shipping from a necessity to an advantage. Make ThermoSafe your one-stop shop:

  • Consulting: Put our considerable brainpower and experience to work on your specific packaging and shipping challenges.
  • Packaging design: Thermal testing is just the start of the journey. We help you evaluate materials, designs and configurations to get everything right.
  • Testing: Through ISC Labs, we offer brand-neutral, industry-verified testing in a state-of-the-art environment.
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Rental Solutions

Lean on our service to simplify shipping—and gain access to innovative materials, smart technology and greater sustainability.

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ThermoSafe Connect

ThermoSafe pioneered smart containers and continues to develop new connectivity tools designed to make your job easier.

‘What has attracted us to the PharmaPort 360 solution is its flexibility, reliability and predictability’

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